Game Development that is Deep and Luminous with Pointy Bits

netdevil – (net‘ – dev – uhl) – n. [Linophryne, Linophrynidae] One having a large flattened head and wide mouth with a lure on the head and fleshy mouth appendages used to attract smaller fishes as prey, a deep sea anglerfish.

Who is NetDevil?

NetDevil was founded in 1997 in Louisville, CO as an independently owned and operated game development company dedicated to the construction of massively multiplayer universes. NetDevil is committed to creating immersive, interactive virtual worlds in unique settings outside the typical fantasy genre. Founded by Scott Brown, Peter Grundy, and Ryan Seabury, NetDevil has steadily grown from 3 part-timers to over 100 full time developers.

Why A NetDevil?

NetDevil was chosen as a name because of our obsession with cool scary things that live in the deep dark waters of the world. All of the company’s principals are certified SCUBA divers, including one certified dive master. We love exploring the mysteries of strange worlds, different from the everyday world we are used to… a passion we carry into our game world designs.

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Development History

NetDevil’s first title, Jumpgate, broke ground in the MMO space for both action gameplay and a space combat setting. Built by a development team of less than 6 people, Jumpgate was well received by the gaming press at its launch in 2001. NetDevil is currently maintaining Jumpgate worldwide.

NetDevil followed up Jumpgate with Auto Assault in conjunction with publishing partner NCsoft, a worldwide leader in online games. Auto Assault offers a post-apocalyptic game world, combining fast action gameplay with role-playing elements, using vehicular combat for a different “spin” on MMO gaming.

NetDevilā€™s latest and biggest project to date is LEGO Universe, the first MMOG professionally developed for LEGO fans and supported by community members from around the world. NetDevil is also involved in numerous other projects and explorations, such as Warmonger, the first step in NetDevil’s pursuit of a vision that will change the way online shooters are played, and Jumpgate Evolution which is a new MMO game featuring exhilarating space combat on a vast scale.

A Fun Place To Work

In May 2007, NetDevil relocated to a new studio space in Louisville, Colorado. Click here for a glimpse into the daily life of a game developer!

Fun Facts About the Netdevil fish

  • Netdevils have been found anywhere from 300m to 4000m below the ocean’s surface, to as high as 14,433 feet above sea level in the Rocky Mountains.
  • A netdevil’s skin completely absorbs blue light, rendering them invisible to deep bioluminescence. This is how we can spend 16 hours+ a day in front of a computer building game worlds.
  • When netdevils mate, the male fish actually degenerates and gets absorbed by the female… (!)
  • Iron Chef once featured 4 foot long anglerfish as the mystery ingredient. Morimoto is the bomb!
  • A netdevil can distend its belly to over twice the size of the netdevil itself… this has been confirmed via extensive testing with pizza and MSG flavored snack products.
  • Netdevils can handle pressure levels that would make most fish implode… plus they have glowy parts!

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