A new MMO in the Jumpgate universe
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Originally Posted by Scorch View Post
There were a few pizzas with the peperoni spelling words…
That’s just sheer genius.
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Damn, this thread is making me hungry.
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Sorry for being new, but is the story of how it all got started somewhere? The Jumpgate series and the company behind it.
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The screen play is currently being finalized. Alan Tudyk has already been cast to play Scorch.

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Not entirely sure why Magnus graced this thread with my adonis like physique *cough*, but in his picture thats (left to right) Scorch, Magnus, GM-Ghost/West, Me, Hermann.

Just for the avoidance of any doubt.

Can we make it into a caption competition???
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Scorch -you don’t look old enough to have played Elite….
Magnus – Have i seen you on interpol wanted posters?….
Ghost,Slopey and Hermann – well, you look just right
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