A new MMO in the Jumpgate universe
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Thumbs up Where did you hear about Jumpgate Evolution?

A question for all the fresh faces new to these forums and Jumpgate Evolution.

Where did you hear about Jumpgate Evolution?

Please spend a few seconds and type up how you found your way here, where you heard about JGE and help us to spread news of the game even further.

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Jumpgate Evolution.


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Do you not understand whats going on? Want to get the whole picture? Are you wanting to try out or get back into Jumpgate Classic? If so, head on over to JoyStickRequired.com and join in with the rest of us crazy folk to get the whole picture
Originally Posted by Karash
Having active shield placement might have a place in JGE, especially for players that flee all the time…they could just set to "full rear" most of the time.
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I can’t remember exactly where I saw it… possibly on OEC’s boards, but I can’t be 100% sure. I do remember, though, that a former pilot from JGC and previous to that, a TFC clanmate (did he go by sithlord… lordsith, possibly delerium, something like that in JGC), reminded me after that original fact. That’s what got me back over here and posting.
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A friend on SWG told me about it in the pilot chat channel on Starsider. Now, I can’t wait to play this game so I can rid myself of SWG
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Said it in my newbie thread introduction, but read about it on Massively.com, and instantly signed up for beta, been keeping up with the website ever since, and have been hawking the game and info about it to anyone I know that i thing might be remotely interested.
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Obviously from playing JGC and just following the community since I quit 3.5 years ago.
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Surfed the UZI forum and saw it.

Salty old RP Sol pilot from the pre-conflux days.
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A buddy in another forum told me about it when I told him I love X3 and greatly miss ship flying abilities in EVE.
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I was on the lookout for a new game (browsing the web) and started a thread over at my gamingsociety’s forum if anyone heard about this game yet. All seem to be looking forward to giving this a shot.

In short; Google found you guys.
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In a dream

(im a fresh face ….no really i’am…)

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