A new MMO in the Jumpgate universe
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Thumbs up What MMO

What MMO is a free, mini-magazine that was given away with this month’s PC Gamer. Lo and behold, we have a two page preview of JGE.

Colon’s aside, they had this to say:

It’ll have you reaching for your flight joystick, battling foes with raw skill as well as technology.

Jumpgate Evolution is different from anything else out there in the mainstream.
Emphasis, theirs Nothing new really in the article; it mentions the vertical slice approach the team is taking to development and the sort of things we can expect from the AI. All in all though, more publicity! Good stuff!
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Pics or it didnt happen?
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click and hold the top right hand corner, then turn the pages.
Close your eyes, listen with your soul and heed the haunting call.
There is something out there, in the cold darkness of space and it is calling you, pulling you, daring you…
…to Jump.
Go on, make the Jump! Your destiny awaits.
Jumpgate Evolution.

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