Jumpgate Evolution docks at New York Comic-Con

February 1, 2009
If you’re living in New York City or the surrounding area then why not come and experience a playable version of Jumpgate Evolution at Comic-Con on February 6-8th, 2009. Attendees will have access to Jumpgate Evolution at the Codemasters booth #1256 throughout the entire event and you’re all invited (as long as you have a Comic-Con ticket), so why not come and experience the exhilarating space combat that sets Jumpgate Evolution apart from all the rest.

Here is a snippet from the full press release which went out today:

"We are excited to provide gamers with yet another chance to get some pre-BETA hands-on time with Jumpgate Evolution at Comic-Con New York", said Scott Brown, President, NetDevil. "We look forward to welcoming visitors and are sure they will be blown away by the latest playable code on show."

"With hundreds of thousands of fans already signed up to BETA and our global pre-orders due to go live in the coming weeks there isn’t a better time to experience the exhilarating space combat MMO that is Jumpgate Evolution", said Andrew Matjaszek, Marketing Executive, Codemasters Online. "The game is shaping up to be one of the hottest games of 2009 and we look forward to delivering gamers a truly unique MMO experience like they have never seen before."

See you there!

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