LEGO Universe: CES Media Collaboration!

January 12, 2010

Below is a list of the major articles, interviews and screenshot collections from the LEGO Universe presence at CES!

Interview with Scott Brown: LEGO Universe Custom Experience.
With so many video game trade shows, where does CES fit in? Here is there article featuring an indepth look of the gaming presence at CES 2010.
LEGO Universe game play screenshot collection featured by Kotaku.
Did you miss the exclusive LEGO Universe Dark Horse trailer? Catch is here at
Griffan McElroy reports on’s shock and awe of the LEGO Universe trailer!

Dale North covers his hands on experience with LEGO Universe including the game play and even a breif look at the programming tools involved.

Massively gives us a great descriptive exposure to the shiny new trailer straight from the CES floor that has ‘cranked up the previous levels of awesome’.