A Brief Tour of NetDevil

June 27, 2007
In May 2007, NetDevil relocated to a new studio space in Louisville, Colorado. Here’s your glimpse into the daily life of a game developer!

The owners of NetDevil wanted to focus on an open space, with lots of opportunity for the artists and staff to express their creativity. In this early image, Ryan Seabury is showing artists Jerry Meyer and Jim Stigall around the unfinished building…

…and this is the result. Click here to see Jim at work.

We had our share of accidents in the early days of the move.

Along the way, we received a few shipments of LEGO… over four tons, in fact.

Sorting it all was an intimidating task for our LEGO experts…

…but at the end of the day they persevered.

The move is complete, and all of the teams – LEGO Universe, Auto Assault, Warmonger, and Jumpgate – are in hard at work in the new studio. Stay tuned for future developments!