NetDevil Announces Server Merger of MMOG Jumpgate

LOUISVILLE, Colorado, June 15, 2005 – NetDevil, developer of the groundbreaking action space combat MMOG Jumpgate, announced today the upcoming merging of its European and American servers. The move results from the discontinuance of Mightygames as NetDevil’s European partner.

“To help ease the transition from the European server to the American server, we’re offering a free month of play from July 1 to August 1 to all transferred accounts,” said Scott Brown, President of NetDevil. “The free month will give the transferred players time to adjust to their new environment, and is a way for us to thank them for their continued loyalty to Jumpgate.”

“We are thrilled to be able to welcome the European players to the American server,” continued Brown. “We look upon this merger as a unique opportunity to expand the Jumpgate community with a more diverse player base.”

The merge is planned for June 27, and no changes in user data on the European server will be transferred after that date.

NetDevil’s existing contract with Mightygames will officially end on June 30.

About NetDevil

NetDevil was founded in 1997 in Louisville, Colorado as an independently owned and operated game development company dedicated to the construction of massively multiplayer universes. NetDevil is committed to creating immersive, interactive virtual worlds in unique settings outside the typical fantasy genre. NetDevil has steadily grown from 3 part-timers to over 45 full time developers, with development led by Scott Brown, Peter Grundy, and Ryan Seabury.

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