NetDevil Announces New Billing System for Jumpgate Classic

NetDevil is pleased to announce the launch of a new billing system for Jumpgate Classic. Our new system dramatically streamlines and modernizes all billing operations and is expected to improve our customer service response by internalizing the Jumpgate billing process to NetDevil.

Better Features

For the Jumpgate Classic community specifically, the NetDevil billing system also enables the following long-requested features:

– Simplified account reactivations
– Choices for billing period length
– Easy password changing and lost password retrieval
– No credit card requirement for Free Trial
– Free Trial period lengthened to 14 days

Support Changes

PayByCash services remain a payment option within the new system. However, Internet Payment Solutions will cease to provide direct billing and credit card services for Jumpgate on 7 April 2008. The support email will now be [email protected] for all billing concerns, as well as for all game and technical support matters.

As a result of the system cutover, all billing for Jumpgate Classic through Internet Payment Solutions (including both PayByCash and SaberCharge) is being terminated as of 7 April 2008. All game accounts will remain active until the end of their current billing period through Internet Payment Solutions, at which point they will automatically be cancelled.

New account creation will likewise use the new system from 7 April 2008.

Account Transfers

All customers who wish to maintain an active Jumpgate Classic game account are asked to please visit the NetDevil Account Management website at the following URL to transfer your game account(s) to our new billing system.

Simply create a NetDevil ID for yourself, choose "Sign up for Jumpgate Classic", and select the option "Transfer an Existing Account" in order to set up billing for your account. Please note that if you happen to own more than one Jumpgate Classic game account, you will only need to create one NetDevil ID from which to manage them. Billing via the new system will only commence after the former IPS billing period for the account has elapsed.

Reminder emails regarding the account transfer process are being sent to all customers who had a current email address in the IPS billing system, but we recognize that coverage via that system is likely to be incomplete. We do apologize for the inconvenience of the need to conduct the account transfer. The drastically improved features and service deriving from the new system should make the brief transfer process well worth it.