Jumpgate Announces Commissioned Pilot Program

DURHAM, North Carolina, May 5, 2003 – Following on the successful release of Jumpgate: Episode 2, NetDevil Ltd., developers of the massively multiplayer space combat and trading simulation Jumpgate, and Themis Group, Inc., an international provider of outsourcing services and solutions to the interactive entertainment industry, today announced the beginning of the Commissioned Pilot program, a new premium service for Jumpgate pilots.

The Commissioned Pilot program offers a way for Jumpgate pilots to get a quick start in the game. Purchasing a Commissioned Pilot, for a one-time fee of $19.95, gives a player the rank, credits, and political rating to climb into the cockpit of a fighter (Rank 26) for his faction, allowing him to immediately take an active role in squad warfare, space trading, and flux-hunting. The service is particularly useful for veteran players who are already familiar with the ranking process and just want or need to get into a top ship for their faction. To sign up for a Commissioned Pilot, visit http://www.themis-group.com/jumpgate/commission.phtml.