NetDevil Announces Jumpgate™: Episode 2, Attack of the Conflux

Extensive additions to be introduced in Jumpgate: Episode 2, Attack of the Conflux™ will include player-owned space stations, new alien territory and more.

LOUISVILLE, Colorado, April 25, 2002 – NetDevil Ltd., an independent developer of massive-multiplayer games, today announced plans for a new episode for Jumpgate™, its ground-breaking massive-multiplayer space simulator. Jumpgate: Episode 2, Attack of the Conflux™ will implement player-owned space stations, new features, and expand the boundaries of the Jumpgate universe far beyond the current 126 explored sectors of the galaxy.

“Our players have been telling us what they want to see in the game, and we’ve been listening,” said Scott Brown, President of NetDevil. “This new episode will add features they want and revolutionize the Jumpgate experience for players new and old.” Among the key features of Episode 2 are:

  • Player-Owned Space Stations: Individual players and squads will have the opportunity to purchase and operate a station, including a storage depot for ship parts, trading capabilities for commerce with allies and teams, and a spacecraft hanger allowing players to store up to 20 ships
  • A new Alien Galaxy: Players will be able to explore and invade the home sectors of the deadly Conflux
  • A new Squad vs. Squad Warfare System: Squads will be able to declare war with one another and track the victories and losses on individual squad Web pages;
  • An improved Chat Interface: Players will have the ability to send longer and more detailed messages, create private channels with a password or invitation-only requirement, and be able to set their own colors for incoming chat;
  • Several new ship types

As well as adding the new features to be introduced in the episode, NetDevil will continue to seek the views and opinions of the players and make additions and changes to the game based on those views. This unusual cooperation between developer and player makes Jumpgate one of the most ambitious and player-driven communities on the Internet.

The episode will be free for all subscribers to the game and will be in addition to the content patches scheduled for implementation before Episode 2’s launch. Players can sign up and prepare themselves for the expansion today by heading over to and trying Jumpgate risk-free for 10 days.

Jumpgate has always been an ambitious project with ambitious goals,” said Josh Johnston, Lead Programmer on the Episode 2 Development Team. “So far, we’ve succeeded in matching those goals and continue to strive for that same level of ambition with this new expansion,” Jumpgate: Episode 2, Attack of the Conflux is expected to launch in the Summer of 2002.